Le Rex

Benedikt Reising – alto sax
Marc Stucki – tenor sax
Andreas Tschopp – trombone
Marc Unternährer – tuba
Rico Baumann – drums

Four wind instruments and drums – this is Le Rex, the ultimate mixture of groove, harmony and juicy melodies with an unmistakable addiction to the unexpected. They stand for a kind of cunning adventure jazz and like to record their CDs somewhere in public places such as department stores, construction sites, scrap yards and farms.

As adventurous the recording sites are as stunning ist he music of the five swiss musicians. The sound of Le Rex reveals a spectacular kaleidoscope of crispy popgrooves, balkanese horn riffs, intoxicating and frisky rhythm ’n’ blues parts and the sweet bitterness of leaden ballads mixed with breakneck horn solos.

All this makes Le Rex one of the finest jazz bands from Switzerland.

New Album out soon!
available at concerts, official release on CUNEIFORM April 5th 2019